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About Viagem de Bolso

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I lived for half a year in Salvador, two and a half years in Barcelona and finally in Munich – or Minga for the locals – where I currently live for almost a year. I am passionate about reading and writing about various subjects, and I have been traveling since I was a child, at the time when my parents traveled every month through the small towns of the southeastern Brazilian region. I am a user experience designer, a profession that I have dedicated myself to for over fifteen years. The curiosity here is that my passion for travel led me to work in two great e-commerces specialised in travel in Brazil and Spain. I currently lead a great team of designers in Germany. For almost a decade I was one of the content editors of Mochileiros.com, the largest Brazilian forum on travel. During this period, I participated in short articles and interviews published in several Brazilian newspapers, magazines and websites about travel. Travel is in my blood, in my soul.

The Viagem de Bolso was born a long time ago, in 2012, when I finished my post-graduation and celebrated by making another backpacking trip through South America, crossing Uruguay, and again Argentina and Chile. This trip was even more special, as it was where I proposed to Vanessa, my wife. The blog’s inspiration came from my old travel stories on Mochileiros.com where each had a very high number of unique readers, somewhere around 150 thousand people. The number didn’t seem like much to me until I met a random person in a samba at Rua do Ouvidor, in downtown Rio, who commented on my story – without knowing I was the author – and that inspired her in all of her travel planning. Imagine her surprise – and mine! – upon discovering that I had written it. This made me want to write much more than I had already published there. After a year of regular publications here, some sad events have led to more sporadic publications, until the day I stopped altogether. And this new blog, of the same name, marks a restart.

For me, more than traveling per se, having a local experience, having as much contact as possible with the culture of everyday life, is essential when I’m away from home on my adventures. And of course, spending as little as possible, but enough to still live the experience. I always try to learn basic words and pronunciation rules to communicate, I do a lot of research before traveling and I always try to talk to someone who has some cool experience to share before packing my backpack. I have a small travel bucket list with places to visit that usually follows a logic, considering some cultural and historical connection between the places. So far this has helped me a lot to have less culture shock and to get deeper into a new culture more quickly. Moreover, one of the advantages of working in an international company is having daily contact with other cultures and people. Usually, they share unparalleled wisdom about their roots and traditions.

The idea here is to help anyone to travel around Brazil, Spain, Germany, and the world with little money, and enjoy the best possible way a truly unique and remarkable experience because travel is necessary!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog even more than I do traveling and writing about it. And to learn more about my travels around the world, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy travels!

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